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Propel plays a critical role in helping to launch and grow careers, especially in the life sciences sector–one of the fastest-growing sectors in Massachusetts and the country.

With the goal of helping people realize their potential, Propel offers speaking engagements and workshop opportunities centered around career development and career transitions.

We present our seminars and workshops at universities, postdoctoral institutions, industry conferences, and other events throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

Propel's Most Requested Seminars

Navigating career choices
Making the most of your Ph.D. and Postdoc: How to develop career relevant skills in academia
Developing your brand
Overview of career opportunities in Life Sciences
Developing an effective job search
Acing the Interview

Seminars and Workshops

Propel has developed three hour interactive workshops to enable working sessions to dive into specific career topics. Each workshop includes a 20-25 page workbook with exercises for the audience to do during the workshop. The workbook is a downloadable fillable PDF document that the audience can keep to reference after the workshop.

  • Navigating your career choices
  • Looking your best on paper: Building a resume and cover letter for industry
  • Developing and Leveraging your LinkedIn Profile
  • Acing the Industry interview

Propel also routinely presents 1 hour seminars covering important topics such as these below:

Career Exploration

  • Navigating your career choices
  • Overview of career opportunities in the life sciences sector
  • General overview of career opportunities for graduate students and postdocs
  • An overview of careers in consulting - Demystifying this career path

Building and Developing Career Relevant Skills

  • How to evaluate, build and highlight transferable and career relevant skills
  • Making the most of your Ph.D. and Postdoc – developing career relevant skills in academia
  • Becoming a leader: Cultivating leadership skills for career success

Developing Application Materials

  • Looking your best on paper: Building a resume
  • Writing an effective Cover Letter
  • What companies look for when evaluating talent
  • Preparing application materials for the Academic Job Search

Career Search Strategy

  • Career search strategy:  How to identify opportunities and roles and develop an effective job search
  • Advice for the academic job search
  • Identifying opportunities for internships, externships and fellowships to build valuable experiences outside of your Ph.D. or Postdoctoral training
  • How to develop and engage your network for your job search

Interviewing and Informational Interviewing  

  • Informational interviewing: An excellent way to enhance your career search
  • Acing the Industry Interview
  • Tips to navigate a successful virtual interview process
  • The job talk – how to prepare an effective talk

Building your Brand  

  • Building a positive on-line personal brand on LinkedIn
  • Building a positive online personal brand: Using LinkedIn, blogs and other social media tools
  • Developing a consistent brand on LinkedIn, your Resume and in Networking Interactions

Networking Insights

  • Welcome to Massachusetts – an overview of organizations and events in the life sciences ecosystem
  • Networking skills: Professional interactions and making a memorable first impression
  • Networking and following up: Making the most of your scientific conference
  • Developing your elevator pitch
  • Tips for following up and maintaining your network after you land a Job

Additional Topics

  • Salary Negotiation Tip and Insights
  • Beyond the bench: The business of running a lab
  • The state of the industry job market: opportunities, challenges, and strategies for success


For a full list of workshops and seminars or to request a topic, contact us.

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