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Lauren contributed to the Virtual Campfire podcast series: Finding Fulfillment in Your Occupation with Lauren Celano 

October 14, 2020
by Lauren Celano 

Lauren had the opportunity to be interviewed by Tony Martignetti, the Chief Inspiration Officer and Inspired Coach at Inspired Purpose Coaching to contribute to his Virtual Campfire Podcast Series.  This podcast is: “Finding Fulfillment in Your Occupation with Lauren Celano” To hear the podcast, see link:

Here are a few highlights of this podcast:

- How science drew Lauren into the recruitment and coaching industry.
- The anchors that can help give you a foundation for your career.
- The lessons Lauren has learned after she became a leader of a company.
- Lauren's first hand experience regarding the drug industry.
- How Lauren's mother influenced her mindset regarding healthcare.
- The most exciting part of Lauren's job in recruitment and career guidance.
- Finding out what drives people and grouping them with like-minded individuals.
- Why most people are not fulfilled enough in their lives and careers.

To learn more about Tony’s company, see link. To hear all podcasts in the Virtual Campfire series, see link.


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