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Tips for effective research presentations beyond academia

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Feb 22, 2023 @ EST
Event End
Harvard Medical School and Harvard University

Lauren presented to graduate students at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School on "Tips for effective research presentations beyond academia".


Seminar description: 

Many graduate students are familiar with the academic job talk, but what if you have to give a job talk in an industry setting? Lauren Celano, Founder and CEO of Propel Careers, has recruited for organizations hiring graduate trained scientists for more than 10 years and has organized countless job talks. In this interactive webinar, she will discuss why organizations ask for a job talk (hint: it’s not just about the research you are doing) and offer tips for how to structure your talk, showcase your experience, and tell your story. We will also consider questions you can ask the organization to help you understand who will be in the audience and what their expectations are for the talk.  While this webinar will focus mostly on research-focused job talks, the general tips apply to other types of job talks or interviews where you need to describe your research.

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