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Oct 19, 2022 @ EST
Event End
Oct 19, 2022 @ EST
New England Society of Clinical Engineering (NESCE)

Lauren will be presenting for NESCE on this important topic. To learn more about the symposium:

The talk will cover the following topics:

This presentation will provide advice for how to build and develop a professional on-line brand using LinkedIn and also how to also translate these details to you resume so that your resume is aligned to the type of career path you are looking for.  Your professional brand is important to build for many reasons, not just for job searching. This is important for volunteer leadership opportunities, community engagement, Board and advisory roles, thought leadership, networking as well as growth opportunities and visibility within your current organization.  We will highlight ways to leverage LinkedIn to build your brand with a focus on different ways you can ensure that your leadership, management, mentorship, collaboration, engagement and other skills shine through in your LinkedIn profile as well as your resume.

Mystic CT
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