Propel Careers


Illustration of a career coach

The wide variety of coaching services offered by Propel Careers allows people to advance their professional development in multiple ways and at multiple career stages. We provide advice to help people prepare, navigate, and grow in their career.

Our approach to career coaching is personal. The team strives to get to know each person to provide tailored guidance. We are not a one-approach-fits-all service.

Our coaching is interactive and engaging. Propel Careers helps people understand what they really want out of their career and what they can do to reach their career goals.

The team at Propel Careers also works with university career services departments to provide dedicated coaching hours to advise their students, postdoctoral fellows, and others during their employment search.

Who we help 

We provide career coaching services to future leaders at all levels, including, but not limited to:

Students (Bachelor and Graduate) as well as Post-doctoral fellows
Medical professionals looking to transition into industry
Academic professionals looking to transition into industry
Career professionals looking to develop their LinkedIn profile, networking strategy, and thought leadership

Coaching Services cover topics such as

How to start and navigate an effective job search
Developing and highlighting transferable skills
Leveraging LinkedIn and networking opportunities during a job search
How to identify roles, titles, and organizations relevant to your background/interests
How to make the most of a Ph.D. or Postdoctoral fellowship
Interview and salary negotiation advice
Tailoring CVs, resumes and cover letters for specific roles
Developing your online brand
Advice on building/developing thought leadership during your career
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