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Tips on Preparing for the BioCareers Virtual Summit By Lauren Celano, CEO, Propel Careers 

September 21, 2012 
by Lauren Celano 

The BioCareers Virtual Summit scheduled on October 3rd and 4th provides graduate students an opportunity to learn about companies that are hiring and also gain insight from the presenters about job search tips and career strategy. The summit provides an opportunity for job seekers to interact with hiring professionals and express interest in roles. As a recruiter, I like to see the following when a candidate talks with me about a role:

Self awareness for your career choice. Candidates who clearly articulate what they are looking for are memorable and stand out from the crowd. Express why you are looking for a particular role (i.e. bench research position or a consulting role) and what factors led you to this choice.

Succinctness. The ability to clearly articulate what you are looking for in a succinct manner, is a skill that is valued in industry. During on-line and in person career fairs, you may only have a few minutes with a recruiter. Therefore it is critical that you can convey what you are looking for in a short time frame.

Relevant skills for the job. When applying for jobs, it is important to have relevant skills for the role. When a recruiter asks you about your relevant skills, be able to discuss your background and the skills you possess that are applicable to the position. If a skill is listed that you do not have, be prepared to discuss how you will gain this skill if you are hired.

Background information on the Company. Recruiters today assume that you will have researched their company before you speak with them. Read their website, press releases, news articles, published papers, conference abstracts, or anything else that you can find to provide background information on the company. This information will help you engage with the recruiter and ask meaningful questions about the company, their work, their strategy and future opportunities.

A well written resume. Make sure your resume is well written before you show it to a recruiter. If you have an academic focused CV, turn this into an industry formatted resumed. Include information such as details about your research and technical experience, projects you have lead, and people you have managed. Pay attention to formatting to ensure that your resume is easy to read and looks professional.

Follow up. After each discussion thank the recruiter for communicating with you. Send the recruiter follow up materials, like your resume and cover letter, if you said you would. Subscribe to the company newsletter, if you are interested in keeping yourself updated on company news.

As you take part in the Virtual Summit, apply these tips and make valuable connections. You will find the opportunity very worthwhile.


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