Propel Careers

The importance of career development in Life Sciences 

November 7, 2009 
by Lauren Celano 

One of the main reasons why Omar and I founded Propel Careers is to provide insights into career options for the many talented students with technical backgrounds who are critical to the success of the life sciences industry. For our industry to remain competitive, we need to develop and retain talent and enable students the opportunity to gain industry relevant experience to lay a foundation which they can build upon as their careers grow.
Propel Careers is also empowering life sciences companies by creating a more efficient network that they can access to evaluate talent and connect with students who can add tremendous value to their organizations due to their skill sets. We are excited by the response we have received thus far from members of the life sciences community and we look forward to being able to fulfill our mission - which is fostering the next generation of leaders. Together, we can all make a large impact upon our future leaders!


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