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MA Launches STAY HERE Campaign to Recruit and Retain Talent 

October 10, 2010 
by Lauren Celano 

Propel Careers is very proud to be involved in the recently launched state wide initiative "STAY HERE" to recruit and retain talent in the state. This initiative has brought together business, academic and government leaders from across the state who share a passion for developing and retaining our future leaders.

This initiative is an unprecedented statewide effort to recruit and retain students here in the Commonwealth because our college students and recent graduates are the state's most valuable and coveted resource. This collaborative effort, supported by the Massachusetts: it's all here initiative, is designed to highlight the opportunities that exist in Massachusetts and to send a clear message to students – we want our talent to STAY HERE.


The campaign includes a newly launched website (, which offers access to Massachusetts companies looking to hire, comprehensive internship opportunities, networking events and messages directed to students from some of Massachusetts' most well known names and faces ( The STAY HERE campaign is also pleased to announce the newly formed Massachusetts Internship Collaborative ( a public, private and academic partnership committed to fostering the next generation of Massachusetts entrepreneurs by increasing internship opportunities and providing internship guidance to both students and business leaders. STAY HERE is a constantly growing network of organizations, initiatives, and individuals all committed to keeping the state's most valuable resource here in the Commonwealth.


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