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Lauren Celano's ariticle on Gradshare about working with recruiters 

August 13, 2010 
by Lauren Celano 

Lauren Celano, Co-founder and CEO of Propel Careers, wrote a blog for the on-line graduate student community website, about effectively working with recruiters.

How to work most effectively with recruiters For many individuals in graduate school, there are a wide number of directions that can be taken in the next phase of their careers. These include applying for a post doctoral position, exploring another academic track, or finding an opportunity in industry. For people who have not worked in industry or corporate settings, identifying and pursuing these job opportunities can feel overwhelming and frustrating. There are a multitude of functional areas to pursue and a wide range of companies to choose from. There are also various methods to search for and research positions including on-line job sites like Monster and Medzilla, career fairs, personal networking, and recruiters. A successful job search often leverages many different methods simultaneously, but we feel strongly that professional and skilled recruiters can focus and accelerate your search. Below are a few points to consider to help increase the success of the relationship and the probability of finding an opportunity through a recruiter.

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