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Blog from Career Development Seminar Series: Looking Your Best on Paper 

February 17, 2014 
by Lynes Torres 

By Lynes Torres, Blog writer for Propel Careers

What does your story look like on paper? Maybe you've mastered your elevator pitch but what about your CV/resume? A good CV/resume and cover letter are often your foot into the door so their content, format and clarity are integral. Propel Careers offered the public an opportunity to kick start their week with a Monday morning resume and cover letter writing workshop. In just over an hour, volumes of insight and tidbits were divulged to eager participants. This workshop featured sample templates to demonstrate key features. Propel Careers demystified the differences between a CV and a resume, a point of confusion for many in science. Once you identify which document you need, the battle lines are drawn on two major fronts: content and formatting. It's easy to use jargon in describing your research, but it's not always appropriate. The content and language of your CV or resume has to have your audience in mind, but also highlight mastery of your research topic. The proper sectioning can also help highlight your experience and skills succinctly; and Propel demonstrated artistic ways of going about this. This Propel Careers workshop even dug into subtle details such as integrating non-research experiences and appropriate font size. Although you may have missed this particular workshop, Propel Careers is offering more Monday morning workshops during the year on this topic as well as Networking Insights, Building a Positive On-line Personal Brand, Acing the Interview, and Job Search Bootcamp. Intimate group sizes of 10 or fewer allow for great discussions and one-on-one feedback. And don't worry, coffee and bagels are readily available for those of you who need that extra boost in the morning!

To see more about the CDSS series, see link:


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