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April 15 - 7th Annual Babson Healthcare & Life Sciences Forum 

March 7, 2010 
by Lauren Celano 
Developing Entrepreneurial Opportunities in a Changing Healthcare Landscape
7th Annual Babson Healthcare & Life Sciences Forum
The Babson graduate Healthcare & Life Sciences Club invites you to attend the 7th Annual Industry Forum on Thursday, April 15. Keynote speakers include Matthew Emmens, CEO Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Jonathan Bush, CEO athenahealth.
The current healthcare debate and resulting legislation is a watershed moment for the delivery of care to patients. Old institutions and inefficiencies are being done away with in favor of technological advances that encourage high-touch care and patient empowerment. As occurs during industry turning points, opportunities for entrepreneurs are abundant. Identifying these opportunities and acting on them requires the ability to see and understand the interplay among many seemingly disparate groups.
Come see speakers from all areas of healthcare, from hospital administration and venture capital to pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
Panels: -Can Healthcare Reform Live Up to the Hype? -Is Healthcare IT Headed for a Tipping Point? -Healthcare 2.0: The Impact of Social Media on Health Information -Healthcare Entrepreneurs in Action -Healthcare Funding – Show Me the Money! -Reaching and Retaining Female Talent in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry
Panelists include John Halamka from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Tom Dehner from Health Management Associates and formerly Director of MassHealth, John McDonough from T2 Biosystems, Ben Heywood from PatientsLikeMe, Sharon Vitti from Brigham & Women's Hospital, Larry Weber from W2 Group, Alan Crane from Polaris Ventures, Barbara Gniewek from Deloitte Consulting, and many more.
Join us to hear from a great group of speakers and engage in spirited discussion and debate. For more information on speakers, registration and sponsorship opportunities, visit

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